Prefixes to follow.

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Important Prefixes to follow.

Post by ranzer on Fri Mar 15, 2013 9:56 pm

To prevent confusion in making threads and for members who are going to read them please follow this prefixes in naming your title.

[Anime/Manga Title]*Question/Discussion
       -[FT]What is your favorite guild?
-[FairyTail]Dragon Slayer.
-[Poll]Who is bet between Zoro and Sanji?
-[Help]How to extract .rar files?
-[General]What is your top 10 anime?
[Introduction]*Name of anime/manga.
-Mainly for introducing an anime/manga
[Announcement]*Name of anime/manga
-Use this if your going to announce something about the anime/manga. Prevent giving spoilers.

These are some of them, hope this will help you in posting.
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