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Important [TUT] Creating a Club Thread

Post by BossJAN2X on Sun Mar 10, 2013 7:53 pm

To create a club thread, follow this tutorial.

1. Click this 'New Topic' ([TUT] Creating a Club Thread I_post) button in 'Clubs' Section.

2. Put the title of your club in the 'Title of the topic' box and your club description in the 'Description' box.

3. Use this template. Copy and paste it to your thread.
Club Title:
Club Description:
Club President/Leader (USERNAME):
Club Logo (optional / 50x50):
Reason for creating the club:

4. Press 'Send'.

You now have your own club thread. To upgrade your club thread to club forum, visit this link: Club Forum Request.

Club Rules:
ranzer wrote:This will be the rules when making/joining.

-Stay on the Topic (You shouldn't talk any unrelated inside your club)
-Use search bar if there's an existing fan club if you want to make your own club.
-You can't duplicate a fan's club.
-If the club president/leader is inactive for 3-4 months, another user/member can take owner ship. PM any online Admin. However if the club's owner is only active in here in the forum but not in his/her club you can also take over the ownership and ask a permission from him.
-No bashing fellow members and other clubs.

Rules are subject to change
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