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[Offline] My Pocket Monster BETA

Post by BossJAN2X on Fri Dec 27, 2013 4:47 am

My Pocket Monster™️ is the new pet system of Anime.PH. It is still in beta version though. Every member of Anime.PH can choose between 18 FREE Pocket Monsters (from Generation 1 to Generation 6 Pocket Monsters) in this thread. Another new feature of 'My Pocket Monster' is you can evolve your pet up to Level 3 Evolution (please remember that some Pocket Monsters has only 1 level evolution and some doesn't have an evolution) and it changes its form..

How many kinds of evolution are there?
There are 4 kinds of Pocket Monster evolution.
First - Level 2 Evolution (change your Pocket Monster to its second form)
Second - Level 3 Evoltion (change your Pocket Monster to its third form)
Third - Advance Evolution (change your Pocket Monster to a new kind of Pocket Monster)
Fourth - Unique Evolution (change your Pocket Monster to a VERY RARE Pocket Monster)

How can I evolve my Pocket Monster?
There are two ways to evolve your Pocket Monster. The easy way and the hard way.
Easy way - You can buy 'Level 2 Evolution', 'Level 3 Evolution', and 'Advance Evolution' items at Virtual Shop but THOSE ARE NOT CHEAP.
Hard way - You can collect badges by leveling up your APH LEVEL, join contests, or get random badges by being a nice member here at Anime.PH. After you collected the required badges for the specific evolution, you can convert it to an Evolution Item of choice!

How many badges do I need to collect for Evolution Items?
You need:
5 Badges for Advance Evolution
15 Badges for Level 2 Evolution
50 Badges for Level 3 Evolution
100 Badges for Unique Evolution (remember that you cannot buy this rare evolution  at Virtual Shop)

If I want to do the easy way, how much are Evolution Items cost?
5,000 Credits for 1 badge
50,000 Credits for 10 badges
75,000 Credits for 20 badges
15,000 Credits for Advance Evolution
35,000 Credits for Level 2 Evolution
60,000 Credits for Level 3 Evolution

How can I earn more credits then?
Check these links below to answer your question:
How to earn credits? Link
APH Level Rewards Link

If you have any questions, please comment below. I hope you guys like this new feature. Smile
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