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Why join Anime PH? Empty Why join Anime PH?

Post by BossJAN2X on Sat May 18, 2013 4:38 am

Why join Anime PH?

The Forum
Discuss with other Filipino Anime Fans about the Anime or Manga series that you are watching or reading. You can discuss and talk about anything here on Anime PH but read the rules first because we all want a neat place to stay.

Chat with your friends and other members of Anime PH while staying in our forum! Join chatbox games, meet new friends, and have fun!

An anime character, a simple cat or dog, an alien pet, or perhaps even your real life pet? The choice is yours.

Start your own club or join one! It is always a good time when talking to people with the same interest as yours!

Events and Contests
Join contests and win credits, forum pets, and more! We always have new prizes to give!

Virtual Shop
Spend your credits and personalized your post profile. Buy pets, username or rank glow, and more! You can also buy a +PLUS Membership to gain access to some awesome benefits just for a +PLUS Member!

Give some kudos to every comment you like. Kudos are gooooood!

Earn and collect badges. Badges are like rewards or trophies. You can get one by doing something helpful in the forum or by winning a contest/game.

Download Center
Download your favorite Anime series here on Anime PH! You can download lots of stuff here but we always remind you that if you like a series that you downloaded at Download Center, buy an original copy of it to support them.

Friendly Staff
I am proud to tell you that we have a friendly team to support and help you here on Anime PH.

So what are you waiting for? Join Anime PH now! Wink
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