[ANIME NEWS] New Anime for this Coming July! Love Lab 1st TV Ad Aired

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[ANIME NEWS] New Anime for this Coming July! Love Lab 1st TV Ad Aired

Post by Uchi_Reina on Fri May 17, 2013 12:00 pm

GENRE: Comedy, Romance, School

The first 15-second television commercial for the anime adaptation of Ruri Miyahara's four-panel Love Lab manga aired in Japan on Friday. The commercial lists the cast and reports that the anime will premiere this July.

The comedy manga revolves around the girls at the elite Fujisaki Girls' Middle School, which has tsundere (initially aloof and abrasive, but later kind-hearted), meganekko (eyeglasses-wearing girl), and other kinds of students.

The cast are:

Manami Numakura (The IDOLM@STER) as Rico Kurahashi, the student council president's aide

Chinatsu Akasaki (Kill Me Baby) as Natsuo Maki, the student council president

Inori Minase (Occult Academy) as Suzune "Suzu" Tanahashi, the student council secretary

Ayane Sakura (Vividred Operation) as Yuiko "Eno" Enomoto, the student council vice-president

Yō Taichi (My Little Monster) as Sayori "Sayo" Mizushima, the student council treasurer.

SOURCE: Love Lab Anime News LINK


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