[Unofficial] Pokemon RPG (Soon)

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[Unofficial] Pokemon RPG (Soon)

Post by Rukiichi on Sun Oct 27, 2013 5:14 am

Pocket Monsters (Pokemon) are coming to Anime PH!

Upon joining, you must choose between these Pokemons:

Pokemon Pets:
Generation 1:

  • - Bulbasaur
  • - Charmander
  • - Squirtle

Generation 2:

  • - Chikorita
  • - Cyndaquil
  • - Totodile

Generation 3:

  • - Treecko
  • - Torchic
  • - Mudkip

Generation 4:

  • - Turtwig
  • - Chimchar
  • - Piplup


  • This event has its own section.
  • You can choose only one (1).
  • Starting level of the Pokemon is 5.
  • Starting item is one (1) potion and two (2) Pokeballs.
  • Wild Pokemon is scattered all over the forum.
  • Release of wild Pokemons depends on time. Common Pokemons first before the rare ones.
  • Pokemon Center and PokeMart has its own thread.
  • Gym Battles is every month. Each gym has its own thread.
  • Storage has its own section.
  • Catching of Pokemon depends on the HP of the Pokemon.
  • The battling and catching system depends on Randomizers.
Randomizer System

If you put:
The result will be:
Random number (50,100) : 66

50 is called the First Randomizer
100 is called the Second Randomizer

Catching a Pokemon:
You can only catch a Pokemon if the randomizer drops between 1-20. The randomizers are:

  • Pokeball: 1, MAX HP of the Pokemon
  • Great Ball: 1, MAX HP reduced by 10
  • Ultra Ball: 1, MAX HP reduced by 15
  • Master Ball: 1, MAX HP reduced by 30


A wild Caterpie appeared!

Level: 5
HP: 50
* Tackle (5 damage) - 10/10 PP
* String Shot (10 damage) - 15/15 PP

So here's how balls work:

* If you are using Pokeball, the catching randomizer you should use is:
* If you are using Great ball, the second randomizer will be reduced by 10. So it will become:
The second randomizer is equal to the wild Pokemon's MAX HP.

More balls coming!

Your profile should contain:

  • Pokemons - For all of your Pokemons
  • Pack - For all of your items

It will be displayed on your Profile soon. You will receive a ID after you own a Pokemon. It cannot be seen on your messages thus, in your Profile Fields.

Pokemon - Six (6) maximum
Items - Nine (9) maximum


• What if I have more than 6 Pokemons?
- It will be stored on your own Pokemon Storage.

• What if I have more than 9 items?
- It will be stored on your own Item Storage.

• How about TMs/HMs/Key Items?
- You should choose what to bring. Remember that you can't carry more than 9 items.

• How about fighting/battling with other trainers?
- We will have a duel area soon.

• Who will control the wild Pokemons and the Gym Leaders?
- The Game Masters.

Feel free to ask questions. You can send me PM via FB if you want to talk about it. Thanks.

- Kiichi | www.facebook.com/kiichimeow
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Re: [Unofficial] Pokemon RPG (Soon)

Post by BossJAN2X on Mon Oct 28, 2013 9:29 pm

Maganda ito, promise guys. Mukhang confusing lang yung ibang parts pero pag na-try niyo na, oks na oks na! Very Happy
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Re: [Unofficial] Pokemon RPG (Soon)

Post by nanako on Mon Oct 28, 2013 10:21 pm

I'm not really fan of pokemon but I think this is cool
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Re: [Unofficial] Pokemon RPG (Soon)

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